Sohag Sikder


Organization Name

Dhaka , Bangladesh

Born in: Dec-2018


Institute of Education and Research, Dhaka, Bangladesh

2015, Bachelor: Degree Name

Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia, Dhaja, American Samoa

2018, Masters: Degree Name


Niviz SOft, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Oct-2018 To Oct-2018 |Disignition

Sikder school, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Nov-2018 To Nov-2018 |CEO

InstituteInstitute, Dhaka, Argentina.

Dec-2018 To Dec-2018 |Designation Designation

Instituteitute, das, Bangladesh.

Dec-2018 To Present |Designation Designation
Research Organisms
  • Horse shoe crabs
  • Giant Yellow Israeli Scorpion
  • Spider goats
  • Cone Snail
  • Gila Monster
  • skills
  • skills
  • Second update
Research Grants
  • Project Title 1 | Sikder |
    Oct-2018 to Nov-2020 | Admin | Taka 1234.
  • Project Field Title | Funding Agency |
    Dec-2018 to Dec-2018 | Admin | Taka 2000.
  • New title | New Agency |
    Nov-2018 to Nov-2018 | Admin | Taka 1000.
  • Update Project Title 4 | Update |
    Nov-2018 to Nov-2018 | Admin Update | Taka 2222.
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Other Name
  • Sohag Sikder Md
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